actiMare Face ANTI AGING Day&Night 50ml - natural cosmetic

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actiMare Face ANTI AGING Day&Night 50ml - natural cosmetic

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100 ml = 79.80 €

actiMare Facebook ANTIAGING 50ml

actiMare FACE ANTI-AGING has been developed particularly for sensitive and demanding skin. The three natural and highly active ingredients, SEA SALT, ECTOIN and ALGAE EXTRACTS support cell    protection, revitalisation, offer effective moisture and reduce wrinkles caused by dryness.

It supports the skin barrier function. Furthermore, it reduces itching, reddening and feelings of tension. Rough and flaky skin becomes soft and smooth. Your skin looks well groomed and relaxed.

Revive and regenerate your skin in line with your present needs. It is not only the passing of time which ages our skin - but also the world in which we live. Nowadays, we know better than ever that the environmental influences also have negative impacts on a healthy and beautiful skin.

actiMare FACE covers the needs of all skin types and age groups. This product covers the strict criteria for controlled natural cosmetics.


SEA SALT: Sea salt is irreplaceable and there is hardly any other natural product which is as       valuable. The minerals and trace elements in the salt improve your skin's microcirculation and tauten it.

Back in ancient history the therapeutic effect of sea salt was well known and even Hippocrates treated inflammations, wounds, skin diseases and rheumatism with sea salt. Sea salt has a               regenerative effect on your face and body skin, tautens your connective tissue, increases your well-being and relaxes body and spirit.

Alga Extract: All life comes from the sea, this also includes algae. Algae are nourished by sunlight, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and minerals from the water. Like plants algae can transform carbon dioxide and water into nutrients by the sunlight due to their high chlorophyll content (the green pigments). This complicated chemical process, which is called photosynthesis, sets oxygen free, the basis of all life on earth. No less than 90 % of the global oxygen production is generated by algae.

Selected types of sea algae, which are particularly rich in mineral materials, trace elements and vitamins, give your skin intensive moisture, stimulate your metabolism and have a purifying effect.

Ectoin: The revolutionary cosmetic ingredient, which protects your skin.

The patented cell protection booster ECTOIN is an effective cosmetic substance which can delay the effects of your skin being exposed to sunlight, air pollution and stress.

The ingredient maintains all necessary cell processes in your skin by protecting and strengthening different protective systems, as well as your own immune system under stress.

Thus, it effectively prevents wrinkles; they can be reduced measurably and visibly. It is the best way to protect your skin against environmental stress; your skin is relaxed and can show itself from its most advantageous side.

A new weapon in the fight for healthy, young skin: Ectoin supports your skin's self-repairing mechanism in order to prevent damage by UV radiation. Besides this, this product accelerates the protective mechanism against stress by a factor of two to three times.

Tests confirm: Ectoin regenerates and rejuvenates your skin. In vivo tests have proved that Ectoin reduces existing wrinkles and delays new ones from appearing. In addition, the test persons confirm that the ingredient has a nourishing and smoothing effect on your skin. *

*Data is available at the producer.

100ml = 79,80 EUR

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